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chainsawsandmaplesyrup sent: Brooke wakes up to find a white wolf sleeping beside her on her bed. "...How the hell did a /wolf/ make it past the bases security, climb up to the second floor of a crowded building, pick-lock my door and not get spotted by anyone!?" ((Because she's god X3))

Open RP (Risingsun’s)






Loki peered at it a little closer, running his hand along his chin, as if in deep thought. “Interesting. And he and the scroll are actually as one?”

“In his dragon form, yes. He can fly too, being a dragon. It’s rather interesting. Being the  God of Restoration, he’s able to fix broken objects and replace those that are missing, be it anything.”

The god arched an eyebrow but continued staring at the picture, head tilting to the side a little. “How curious…”

“Indeed. He’s probably not here right now. He’s probably in the library, reading and studying as per usual.” Amaterasu sighed. “Oh well. He locks his door too so there no way we can go inside. Shall we continue or do you wish to go to bed? It’s getting late here. The time here works differently than that on Earth.”

Loki finally tore his eyes away from the tapestry after a few more moments of staring. “Whatever you wish, m’lady,” he said with a perfect smile and a small bow. 

"Perhaps we should continue our little tour in the morning. The Celestial Plain has it’s beauties during the nighttime, but I’m not meant to stay up so late. Especially with winter around the corner."

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What a peculiar dog.


Said “dog” turned and looked at him, tilting it’s head at the man.

gloryoftherisingsun started following you


“A wolf?”  He blinks and kneels down.  “What are you doing away from your pack?”  A white wolf at that.  It was always odd to see a wolf away from its pack, especially this far north.  Hesitantly, he holds his hand out to the creature, curious and treading on careful ground.

Said white wolf spotted the man and tilted it’s head at him. It slowly approached him, noticing that he was acting unthreateningly with his hand out. It’s oddly colored maroon eyes blinked at him innocently as it got even closer to him.

The Wolf and the Blue Jay


It was late evening and Hayden was taking a nighttime ride upon her trusted buckskin mare, Ransom.  The two were conversing in their own little telepathic way through glances and movements when suddenly the wind changes direction and brushes past them, carrying an unfamiliar scent to the both of them.

Ransom halts in her tracks, raising her head and snorting, pawing at the ground.  Her amber eyes glinting and looking through the darkness for the source of this new smell.

“C’mon…it’s probably…” Hayden stops, sniffing the air and catching the serene scent of cherry blossoms, so faint but so powerful.  She senses something was different here an suddenly hears the magical howl of a wolf in the distance.

Hayden dismounts, and stares at a pair of glinting eyes looking curiously at her. 

Indeed, said eyes were gazing at the girl and mare with interest. It seemed as if it has finally been noticed by the two so there was no true reason to hide now. A white wolf stepped out of the darkness of the trees and into the moonlight.

This wolf though was not pure white. There were red markings on it’s fur and the fur seemed to form wind like designs around the joint of it’s legs. There was even an odd green disk above it’s back, sprouting flames.

The wolf didn’t do anything to attack the rider and horse. Instead, it just stood there and stared into the girls blue eyes with it’s maroon ones.

Revival and a half





If cats could anime sweat-drop, Chaos would have a huge one right now. She waited for one to pop up and then clawed away. This form has strong attacks, so each imp fell with little effort. More and more seemed to be coming in though…

“There must be a gate around her somewhere!” She said, turning around. An electric blue disk appeared over her back as she began to battle the imps. “Look around for an old, rotting doorway to nowhere with different colored flames rising out of it!”

“Gah! There’s so many!”

Chaos tried desperately to shake off the imps as she looked for a gate, but couldn’t. The purple cat managed to defeat the ones on her tail, but not without taking some hard hits. Eventually, the gate appeared ahead.

“It’s over here!”

"You think you can run through and defeat the demons that show up? I’ll hold off the ones out here." While she said that, she whipped the blue disk, a reflector, at a demon repeatedly and destroyed it. "Or would you rather I go through the gate and you take of the ones out here?"